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About Eva Koch
Eva Koch lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was educated at The Royal Danish Academy in 1985 - 1992, including one year at Facultad de Bellas Artes, Barcelona, Spain 1989 - 90.

Eva Koch's works are distributed almost equally between exhibition and public works in an unbroken sequence. She has made permanent works and installations, where the theme of the work, the specific space and the viewers perception is gathered in its entirety

From "Notes on the Work of Eva Koch" by Marianne Torp (published in the catalogue "Approach" Venise Biennale 2005):

Eva Koch's works describe paradoxical situations, moments that do not stop or situations that extend over a period of time but which can nevertheless be taken in a single glance. Considered from a conventional viewpoint that defines narrative as somthing that progresses along an axis with a beginning, a number of high points, and an end, Eva Koch's images do not seem to have any narrative content. Quite the contrary: they appear as narrative non-entities where all action seems ot be short-circuited - or, perhaps more accurately, transposed into a different level.
The situation that Eva Koch films and photographs in her works appear to be quite everyday like, often taking place in a public, but not specified, space. Within these anonymous urban settings - squares, underground railways, and piers - people pass by Eva Koch's stationary camera. There are people going to work or shopping, children playing, people heading for religous services, the earth revolving around its own axis. In a way, her video works acts as monochrome paintings. They investigate the object-less, the non-focused, and imploding visuality. But this apparent simplicity does not withstand closer scrutiny. Eva Koch's intention is rather to call attention to how the minimal and the seemingly non-narrative hold an enormous complexity within.

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