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In the work of Søren Dahlgaard, method is challenged through narrative. He incorporates a type of understated slapstick in his work. This is mostly 
apparent in his performances and staged photography series.
Visually he draws from the aesthetics of minimalism.

The Breathing Room, 2008.

Text by: Joselina Cruz, Curator for the Singapore Biennale 2008.

Text from catalogue:
Søren Dahlgaard’s practice locates much of itself in performance, especially looking to the Japanese avant-garde group Gutai, which has a strong link to his work. His performance persona is known as the ’Dough Warrior’ and from this was borne most of his video performances and staged photography. Using dough as a basic sculptural material he has found its malleability a central element to his process and performance. Its temporal condition, however, necessitated the need for documentation through photography and video. Dough Portraits (2008) was an event that had more than a hundred people having themselves photographed with a lump of dough covering their heads. This removal of faces erased the return of the gaze that one expects from a portrait. Instead clues towards identities had to be drawn from hand gestures, clothing, and the disturbing shape produced by the lump of un-moulded material. In some instances, the photographs appear like unfinished sculptures, the heads waiting to be sculpted to reveal the finished piece.

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